Ron Paul said the so-called deep state has tried to undermine the policies of President Donald Trump. However, he noted that the current irregularities in the presidential elections have awoken many Americans to “the corruption of the modern welfare-warfare state.”

In a column published at the Ron Paul Institute, the physician, author and former congressman recalled that the idea that the president should exercise almost unlimited powers is a legacy of the progressive movement.

“Progressives, who are responsible for the rise of the American welfare-warfare state, have an affinity for a strong presidency that is not surprising,” Paul said.

“A government that aspires to run our lives, run the economy, and run the world requires a strong executive branch unfettered by the Constitution’s chains,” he explained.

Within this framework, Paul related that the so-called deep state has been executing its actions for decades, independently of the administrations in power, to achieve its objective.

“This deep state serves a permanent government and has an agenda it pursues regardless of the wishes of the president or the American people,” he detailed, describing the deep state as the military-industrial complex, the national security bureaucracy—including the CIA—congressional staff, and members of the media.

The two-time Republican presidential candidate stressed that the deep state has sought to derail President Trump’s efforts to fulfill his campaign promise to pursue a less interventionist foreign policy and end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Members of the deep state were instrumental in the Russiagate hoax and the impeachment of President Trump. Many supported impeachment because President Trump’s actions contradicted the DC ‘consensus’ on US–Ukraine relations and the need for a new Cold War with Russia” he said.

However, Paul noted that the irregularities and fraud being exposed in the last presidential election are “awakening” many Americans to the corruption inherent in the modern state.

“The 2020 election has awoken many Americans to the corruption of the modern welfare-warfare state,” he said.

“These Americans are ripe for the message of liberty. They can help with the vital task of demystifying the U.S. presidency, destroying the deep state, restoring our constitutional republic, and regaining our lost liberties,” he concluded.

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