Kyle Rittenhouse, who was acquitted on all charges of murder last week, said that his lawyers are taking care of defamation lawsuits against those who have smeared him.

Rittenhouse revealed that his legal team is in the process of going after individuals who defamed him in the media, the Daily Wire reported, citing his interview with Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday, Nov. 22.

Asked if he is planning to sue those who have spread falsehoods about him an held accountable, Rittenhouse said that, “I have really good lawyers who are taking care of that right now.”

“So, I’m hoping one day there will be some, there’ll be accountability for their actions that they did,” Rittenhouse told Carlson.

“So you’re intent on not, you’re not gonna let that go?” the host pressed.

“Like I said, really good lawyers are handling that,” Rittenhouse replied.

In a verdict on Nov. 19, a jury ruled that Rittenhouse was not guilty of murder for fatally shooting two men and injuring a third during riots last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Earlier in Monday’s interview, Rittenhouse suggested President Joe Biden should watch his trial before making a statement, Breitbart added.

“Mr. President, if I could say one thing to you, I would urge you to go back and watch the trial and understand the facts before you make a statement,” he said.

Rittenhouse added that Biden calling him a white supremacist was “actual malice, defaming my character for him to say something like that.”

Regarding media coverage, Rittenhouse said that, “It’s actually quite hysterical how nobody can go back and look at the facts of the case. He crossed state lines, false. He’s a white supremacist, false. None of that is true. And the lies that they can just get away with spreading, it’s just sickening and it’s a disgrace to this country.”

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