A revealing analysis reports that half of President Joe Biden’s followers on his Twitter account are fake. Which highlights two things, firstly that Biden’s popularity is very low and secondly that Big Tech is more than ever on hand to collaborate with Biden and leftist policies.

Big Tech has been working hard to try and improve President Biden’s social media image and the public’s perception of him. Among the strategies used they have implemented artificially inflating the number of followers on Twitter due to the low numbers he was naturally managing.

A Twitter user identified as Bre Wylde made a correct analysis about the followers on President Biden’s account. Wyle wrote in a message, “Joe’s been getting 100,000 followers on twitter every day! Except they’re ALL FAKE!! Share and follow! If you go to Joe Biden’s followers, I’d say at least 70 percent of them joined Twitter in January and he has no followers.” 

You can easily check that the information is true, by accessing President Biden’s account and entering his followers you can see that the vast majority are users created during the month of January and have no followers. 

Biden’s YouTube account also generated drawbacks that manifested his poor popularity. In absolutely every video posted on his official channel since he assumed the presidency, he has obtained significantly more negative votes than positive ones.

A video of Biden’s inauguration, the most viewed video on the channel, shows 43,000 “dislikes” and only 9,200 “likes.”

But a former employee of YouTube and Google, frightened by the censorship of his former employers, exposed that YouTube is willing to edit and modify the statistics in order to benefit Biden.

Such is the case of the image below in which it can be seen that Biden’s speech had at one point 9,000 “dislikes,” but some time later, when the views had almost doubled, the “dislikes” became 4,800.

In the first video of White House press secretary Jen Psaki, something similar happened.

In addition, Biden’s White House YouTube page, after receiving a barrage of messages against the new president and his team, has opted to disable the comments section.

At the other end of the popularity spectrum is former President Trump, who before his account was deleted, had approximately 88.7 million followers. 

President Trump not only had 88.7 million followers, which is a huge number of users, but he was also very active on the network, generating an important impact on Twitter with every message he published. 

His popularity on the social network was such that when they decided to permanently delete his user Twitter Inc. shares fell 7% in subsequent operations.