Evangelical leader Rev. Franklin Graham took to Twitter on Tuesday, Oct. 29, to praise a Roman Catholic priest who denied Holy Communion to Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden on Sunday, Oct. 27, because of former Vice President Biden’s support of abortion.

The priest is Father Robert E. Morey of Saint Anthony’s Catholic Church in Florence, South Carolina.

Graham said he expected more churches, pastors, and priests would fight again abortion. “Sometimes the role of addressing hard truths has been set aside in the church in an attempt to accommodate culture. No matter how society paints the lie, abortion is murder in the eyes of God.”

Historically the presidential hopeful has belonged to the most conservative wing of the Democratic Party, yet this summer he declared his opposition to the Hyde Amendment, which bans the allocation of federal funds to finance abortion and which he had previously supported.

Biden defended his decision, arguing he can no longer support an amendment that makes a woman’s right to abortion “dependent on someone’s ZIP code,” thus recognizing abortion as a ‘right,’ according to Fox News.

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