The U.S. wholesale supermarket chain Costco opened a second store on Dec. 8 in Suzhou. Although the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is spreading anti-American propaganda, the people’s enthusiasm for shopping has not waned. On opening day, crowded lines of people paralyzed surrounding traffic. The local authorities also sent an ambulance to be on duty, according to NTDTV.

On the day Costco’s Suzhou store opened, there was already a long line outside the store at three in the morning. Not only was there an ambulance on duty outside the store, but there were also security guards in the store to maintain order for fear of crowds and stampede accidents.

Costco’s opening event sparked heated discussion among social media users. Some people posted scenes of long queues outside Costco with the words: “Drones are deployed! It’s indescribable by the crowd.”

Others said: “Is it good to be anti-American?” “Anti-American is a job; going to America is a dream. Everyone loves beautiful goods.”

On Aug. 27, 2019, when Costco opened its first store in Shanghai, many customers were also there early. It took more than an hour to get in the door. Then, in just half a day, they sold out. The number of members reached tens of thousands of people in the first month of opening.

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