Both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have their sights set on the 2022 midterm elections. The Democrats clearly intend to maintain their dominance in the capitol, and the Republicans seeking to wrest control of the legislative branch.

Against this backdrop, each state election held between now and then will show a trend and will serve both parties to make adjustments in their campaigns.

On Tuesday, Aug. 19, in a special election in Connecticut, Republicans regained a seat in the state Senate, representing the first seat change for either party this year, according to Breitbart News.

Not insignificantly, the Republicans won this seat in a district where Biden won by more than 25% in the last election.

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) reported this win via email:

State Republicans tonight delivered the first flip of a state legislative seat in a special election by either party in 2021, as Republican Ryan Fazio defeated liberal Democrat Alex Gevanter in Connecticut’s state Senate District 36 – a district Joe Biden won by more than 25% in 2020. .

Republican State Leadership Committee Chairman Dee Duncan believes this seat flip is because people are tired of the Democrats’ radical tax-and-spend agenda.

In turn, he congratulated Ryan Fazio on his victory in the state’s 36th district and emphasized his strong campaign.

He also mentioned the importance of becoming strong in the states, as Democrats control Washington. We share what Duncan said:

After holding the line in two Biden-won districts in New England early this year, our momentum continues tonight with the first successful flip of the 2021-2022 election cycle. Congratulations to Ryan Fazio on running a strong campaign. His victory demonstrates that the people of Connecticut are sick and tired of the radical tax and spend agenda coming from Democrats in Hartford and in Washington, D.C. They’re looking for common-sense leaders who will champion conservative policies that will revive the economy, create jobs, reduce regulations, lower taxes, and keep families safe.

With Democrats controlling Washington, it’s more important than ever that we have strong Republican leadership in the states. Tonight’s result is further evidence that Republicans are on offense this cycle, and the RSLC has no intention of slowing down when it comes to winning the tough fights ahead of us. The RSLC will continue to support state Republicans to ensure wins like this so that we can grow the future of our party and stop socialism from spreading to the states.

As reported by Breitbart News, this Republican win hit hard among Democrats, as through a fundraising email sent out by the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC), it announced the importance of a win in Connecticut’s 36th district, because a loss would jeopardize all of the committee’s gains in 2018.

We cannot forget what happened in June, in McAllen County, Texas. Political pundits were surprised by the triumph of the new Republican mayor Javier Villalobos, who defeated Democrat Veronica Whitacre.

It should be noted that that city has 85% of Latinos and in 2016, Hillary Clinton won by 40 points.

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