House Republican representatives launched an investigation to determine whether the Biden family is benefiting financially from Joe Biden’s presidency.

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee sent a letter this Wednesday, July 14, to Counsel to the President, Ms. Dana Remus, requesting documentation on the businesses of Hunter, Frank, and Valerie Biden due to recent and past events that leave the ethics and transparency of the businesses in question.

“Reports regarding President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.’s family members attempting to profit from their proximity to the White House have been disturbing and recurring,” the lawmakers wrote in letters obtained by Fox News.

“Unfortunately, these reports of President Biden using his former official positions of public trust to swell the coffers of his family members are widespread, and any hope the pattern of family self-dealing would finally stop when he assumed the presidency has been dashed,” the letters read.

The letter mentions the recent news that Hunter Biden began selling paintings at high prices—between $75,000 and $500,000—from someone with no prior knowledge or training in the art world.

In addition to being a fact that raised concern, especially since it was revealed last year that Hunter obtained payments from Chinese companies in exchange for giving them access to his father when he was vice president, the White House decided that the identity of the buyers would be concealed, a decision that aroused even more suspicion because if there was any, question marks about the buyers, they could not be investigated.

“The prices for these paintings—by someone with no formal training or history as an artist—raise questions about whether the art is being offered for its merit or its connection to the White House,” the Republicans assert in their letter.

“The hidden nature of art purchasers and the difficult question of pricing art has made it a well-known tool for money laundering and other illicit activities,” the lawmakers noted.

On the other hand, Frank Biden, brother of the president, advertised in a major Florida newspaper for the law firm he is an advisor to using his kinship to Joe Biden. The ad was published on the day of the Democrat’s inauguration.

Valerie Biden Owens, Joe’s sister, announced that she would publish a book of her memoirs entitled “Growing Up Biden: A Memoir,” which will discuss her life with the president.

In their letter, the Republicans request all documentation about the Biden family’s foreign business dealings, any instances in which the Biden name has been used in any investment, as well as what barriers the White House has put in place to prevent the family from profiting from the presidency.

Joe Biden’s Incriminating video

During the Democrats’ first attempt to impeach former President Donald Trump, in which one of the charges was ‘abuse of power’, they alleged that Trump asked the president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden for corruption when he was a candidate for the Democratic Party.

However, in that investigation, a video of Biden allegedly abusing his power resurfaced.

In the video, Biden is seen bragging about threatening to withhold financial aid to Ukraine if a prosecutor who was investigating a gas company with ties to his son, Hunter, was not fired.

In addition, last year, the New York Post broke a bombshell story after it obtained from Rudy Giuliani a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive containing emails that implicated Biden in receiving payments from Chinese companies in exchange for access to his father.

Since the Republicans do not have a majority in the House, without the support of the Democrats, and without subpoena power, it will be very difficult for the investigation to see the light of day.

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