Although it was not a surprise, the Republican Party had yet to officially nominate a representative for the next elections to be held in November.

The celebration took place this Monday, Aug. 24, and President Trump gave an extensive and emotional unscheduled speech.

“This is the most important election in the history of our country,” Trump said after the official nomination. “Our country can go in a horrible direction or in an even greater direction,” as reported by The Associated Press.

President Trump’s speech targeted Joe Biden and Democrat policies, reiterating that they played dirty in the 2016 election and wanted to win by cheating. Now they intend to do so again unless the Republicans and justice prevent it.

“The only way they can take this election away from us is if it is a fraudulent election,” he said later, referring to the controversial mail-in voting system being promoted by the Democrats, on the pretext of “protecting” voters from the dangers of the CCP Virus.

President Trump stressed that the Democrats are making political use of the CCP Virus in a desperate attempt to manipulate elections.

A few hours before his speech, he posted on his Twitter account, “All the Radical Left Democrats are trying to do with the Post Office hearings is blame the Republicans for the FRAUD that will occur because of the 51 Million Ballots that are being sent to people who have not even requested them. They are setting the table for a BIG MESS!”

President Trump highlighted his administration’s successes, noting they have “achieved more” than any president before.

He also promoted their efforts to achieve a more secure border in the southern United States through the construction of the fence and new immigration policies. He mentioned the return of American manufacturing jobs, and that they have managed to “defeat the entire ISIS caliphate.”

He sharply criticized the trend toward the radical Left that the Democrats are presenting.

In speaking of the 300 new justices he appointed during his term, he warned that if Biden wins the election, the Supreme Court will be at risk because the left will want to remove the objective justices and appoint left-wing judges.

However, he was optimistic about this and did not hesitate to say, “Our country will never be a socialist country.”

Controversial surveys

Many pollsters show very even results or even a Biden victory over President Trump in the next election.

Reality shows, many of them questionable agencies notable for their wrong predictions, especially since the vast majority of them forecasted a crushing defeat for Trump in the 2016 election when the opposite happened.

At that time, political scientist Helmut Norpoth was one of the few to predict a victory for Trump.

Norpoth, a professor in Stony Brook’s Department of Political Science, has enjoyed remarkable success in predicting elections. His predictions are based on what he calls the Primary Model, a statistical representation of U.S. presidential elections based on data dating back more than a century. In 2020, his model once again projects a Trump victory, giving the incumbent a 90 percent chance of being overwhelmingly re-elected.

It should be noted that the Primary Model has correctly predicted five of the last six presidential elections, and when applied to previous elections, it correctly predicted 25 of the previous 27.