Statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor show a rapid economic recovery in states governed by Republicans. In contrast, states run by Democrats lag because they have kept pandemic restrictions in place longer and continue to pay unemployment benefits, Breitbart reported.

According to official statistics, 17 of the top 20 states with the lowest unemployment have a Republican governor.

Of the list, the top two even now have lower unemployment than before the pandemic began.

The 20 fastest improving states all have a percentage above 50%, and the top 17 Republican-run states recovered more than two-thirds of the jobs lost.

List of states, jobs lost, jobs regained and the percentage they represent

Idaho, Republican, lost 79,600 jobs, regained 91,100, 114.4% recovery.
Utah, Republican, lost 140,000 jobs, regained 158,500, 113.2% recovery.
Montana, Republican, lost 62,200 jobs, regained 54,800, 88.1% recovery.
South Dakota, Republican, lost 44,400 jobs, regained 37,200, 83.8% recovery.
Arkansas, Republican, lost 127,200 jobs, regained 96,500 75.9% recovery.
Tennessee, Republican, lost 379,800 jobs, regained 287,400, 75.7% recovery.
New Hampshire, Republican, lost 116,400 jobs, regained 86,500 74.3% recovery.
Alabama, Republican, lost 246,800 jobs, 182,700, regained, 74.0% recovery.
Nebraska, Republican, lost 95,400 jobs, 70,400 regained, 73.8% recovery.
South Carolina, Republican, lost 307,800 jobs, regained 224,700, 73.0% recovery.
Indiana, Republican, lost 499,300 jobs, regained 363,400, 72.8% recovery.
Mississippi, Republican, lost 151,200 jobs, regained 109,300, 72.3% recovery.
North Carolina, Democrat, lost 575,200 jobs, regained 408,400, 71.0% recovery.
Georgia, Republican, lost 609,500 jobs, regained 429,000, 70.4% recovery.
Texas, Republican, lost 1,452,600 jobs, regained 1,007,100, 69.3% recovery.
Maine, Democrat, lost 94,600 jobs, regained 65,400, 69.1% recovery.
Missouri, Republican, lost 357,200 jobs, regained 245,600, 68.8% recovery.
Arizona, Republican, lost 331,500 jobs, regained 226,900, 68.4% recovery.
Michigan, Democrat, lost 1,055,300 jobs, regained 716,800, 67.9% recovery.
West Virginia, Republican, lost 101,000 jobs, regained 67,600, 66.9% recovery.

Ten Democratic states lead the unemployment list

On the other hand, the data reveals that the 10 states with the highest unemployment are run by Democrats, and these are:

Hawaii 8.5%
California 8.3%
New York 8.2%
New Mexico 8.2%
Connecticut 8.1%
Nevada 8.0%
New Jersey 7.5%
Pennsylvania 7.4%
Louisiana 7.3%
Illinois 7.1%

The Texas phenomenon

Two days ago, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that his state recorded zero coronavirus deaths after lifting all pandemic restrictions and that the state was recovering rapidly.

“The numbers just continue to improve. To put all of this in context, from the very beginning many businesses remained open,” Abbott said of his state’s pandemic response. “In March, we had the entire economy open up 100% and no more masks. And, of course, President Biden and the Democrats railed against it. … Other Democrats said that I had issued a death warrant.”

“We continue to have a decline in deaths after we opened up 100%, until we reached that mark of a day with zero deaths. And hospitalizations continue to go down even more,” Abbott added. “Yesterday was the lowest positivity rate that we’ve had on record during the history of the entire pandemic. And so it shows that the right move was to make sure that we did open up, get things back to normal.”

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