Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.)  on Friday, July 18, denounced the vandalism that has been taking place against several Catholic churches and religious symbols in different states such as Florida, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, referring to these as hate crimes.

Banks told the Daily Caller News Foundation, “We’re seeing an uptick in targeted crimes and hate against many communities throughout the United States, but only some are receiving any recognition at all.”

“It seems crimes are highlighted not due to science-based data aggregated to show prevalence or severity, but in pre-existing narratives those in power want to perpetuate,” he added.

St. Joseph’s Church, located in New Haven, Connecticut, became an example of the hate crimes or bias-motivated attacks that have been taking place across the country when it closed its doors after being vandalized with Satanic words and symbols.

For Rev. John Paul, the attack “follows an apparent trend of desecrating Catholic spaces throughout the nation.(…) The underlying motive of these sacrilegious attacks is clear: To intimidate and instill fear in the hearts of those who worship Christ,” the Daily Wire reported.

Meanwhile, Good Shepherd Church, located southeast of Miami, Florida, also became the focus of desecration after a statue of Jesus Christ was found decapitated, prompting the Miami archdiocese to request an investigation by authorities as a hate crime.

Since such acts of vandalism can be punished under the constitutional right to freedom of expression, Banks has urged both the FBI and U.S. Attorney General William Barr to investigate and “prosecute those who commit hate crimes against the Catholic Church to the fullest extent of the law.

Hate crimes against religious symbols that have been associated with activists such as the Black Lives Matter movement, have only spawned indifference in some Democratic lawmakers.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said, “If the community doesn’t want the statue there, the statue shouldn’t be there. I don’t care much about statues,” she added, “people will do what they do.”

Meanwhile, Democratic county legislators in Ventura, California, voted unanimously to remove a bronze statue of Father Junipero Serra from the front of City Hall after activist groups tore down Serra’s statues in Los Angeles and Sacramento.

Ken Farnassus, deputy press secretary for President Donald Trump’s campaign, said, “The rise in violence against houses of worship, religious symbols, and sacred spaces is quickly becoming an epidemic across the country led by radical leftists hell-bent on destroying the very moral fabric of our nation,” according to the Daily Caller.