Conservative reporter and political commentator John Solomon threatened to sue the media that attacked him for his articles reporting on the interference of state agencies in the 2016 elections, in the case known as Spygate.

Solomon said he is being advised by lawyers on the legal action to follow in order to give clarity to American society, according to an interview held on Nov. 17 in a “Sunday Morning Futures” interview with Maria Bartiromo.

“I am in consulting with some lawyers right now about the possibility of initiating some specific legal action, not because I want to make money, but because I want to correct the public record for the American people,” the reporter shared.

Democrat lawyer Daniel Goldman used part of Solomon’s information to question former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, who testified on Nov. 15 at the public hearing of the Ukraine Case.

In his statements during the “Sunday Morning Futures” program, the Solomon assured that each one of his articles was investigated by The Hill’s lawyers and the information was confirmed, in addition to being ratified by “Adam Schiff’s three witnesses,” in his opinion.

In his reports, Solomon said, “The State Department embassy in Kyiv was pressuring the Ukrainian authorities to abandon certain cases that were being investigated by them”.

He also reported, “There was concern about Hunter Biden, the son of former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, and his conflicts of interest in Burisma [a Ukrainian company that hired him],” and “There was some evidence that Ukrainian officials were trying to stick their fingers in our 2016 elections,” the reporter added.

The scandal staged to prevent then-presidential candidate Donald Trump from taking command of the United States was called “Spygate,” and refers to the use of state agencies to spy on the [Donald Trump’s] campaign and sow doubts about the legality of the campaign to address his impeachment.

After nearly two years of an expensive investigation, special counsel Robert Mueller produced a 400-page report that summed up by saying there was no place to continue in the absence of evidence against President Trump.

These articles by Solomon stand out before the public hearings of the so-called Ukraine Case, which is being investigated.

The so-called Ukraine Case was suppose to answer whether President Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, one of his political rivals.

So far the public hearings have been seen as surrounded by an atmosphere of “boredom” and “farce,” according to Rush Limbaugh of “Fox & Friends,” an atmosphere that seems to be corroborated by the survey results presented by Hill-HarrisX.

According to the poll, 56 % of the Democrats surveyed by Hill-HarrisX believe that the impeachment of President Trump for the so-called Ukraine Case, will fail and that the president will be able to fulfill his entire presidency.