The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Pakistan government renewed for three more years a secret alliance agreed since 2015 to develop biological weapons using the deadly agent anthrax, among others, revealed a report by the Australian alternative media The Klaxon.

“There have been experiments carried out since 2015 with five different high-level pathogens. The studies are being conducted in Pakistan,” The Klaxon’s editor-in-chief, Anthony Klan, reiterated to India Today on Sept. 16.

He also added: “A lot of the Wuhan Institute of Virology scientists are working on Pakistan soil with Pakistan’s defense agencies which raises very serious concerns among the intelligence agencies,” Klan said.

The research is conducted under the covert agreement between the Wuhan Virology Institute and the Defense Science and Technology Organization (DESTO), part of the Pakistani military.

Klan also referred to the security agency reports that the CCP had funded studies using “blood serum from thousands of camels and other animals and thousands of humans.

People in remote rural areas were reportedly used as guinea pigs, unaware of the tests’ risks and results, which would have allowed them to be kept secret.

“After we first reported this, the Pakistani government came out and said there is no secret about biosafety level 3 labs which obviously confirmed that it was happening on Pakistani soil,” Klan added.

Among other data, Klan estimated that some 8,000 people and about 5,000 camels would have been used in the tests.
Klan said the $63 billion funding was part of the investments of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) being promoted by the CCP in many countries around the world.

These CCP experiments are not new. According to a senior Trump administration official, U.S. intelligence services discovered “experiments” with biological weapons, the Washington Times reported on May 14.

Such biological weapons are being formulated against specific ethnic minority groups, the official who preferred to remain anonymous revealed.

“We are looking at possible biological experiments on ethnic minorities,” the informant said, who also alluded to the strong distrust generated by the CCP’s erratic handling of the CCP virus pandemic.

“If we have learned anything else through this episode of COVID, it is that China cannot be trusted to do the right thing,” the official reiterated.

More than 100 countries asked the CCP to allow them to investigate the origins and evolution of the pandemic, which it refused to do.

Meanwhile, concerns remain that the CCP is violating the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons (BWC).

“We remain concerned about China’s compliance with the BWC, as well as its international obligations,” added the senior public official, quoted by the Washington Times.

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