The death of African-American George Floyd on May 25 still generates violent riots in the United States, and abundant donations are flowing in to support protesters. The money is being used to bail-out people accused of serious violent crimes.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) is one such fundraiser, to which staffers of U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden have donated to extensively.

Among those bailed out are Darnika Floyd, accused of second-degree murder, and Christopher Boswell, who faces sexual assault and kidnapping charges. Their bail-outs amounted to $100,000 and $350,000, respectively, according to an August 10 Fox9 report. Bail of $75,000 cash was also posted for Jaleel Stallings, who is said to have shot members of a SWAT team during the May riots.

The campaign to free those accused of serious crimes seems to be part of Biden’s strategy as he insists on following the lead of his party’s leftists.

“As long as the pretrial detention and money bail system exist, community bail funds exist to get people free,” said a spokesman for the National Bail Fund Network (NBFN)—of which MFF is one of its affiliates. However, “there has to be some scrutiny on this,” said Jeff Clayton, executive director of the American Bail Bond Coalition, who notes that they are releasing violent criminals. “It has to be violent criminals because that is all that is left, there’s nobody left, there are no protesters left to spend this kind of money on,” Clayton told Fox.

According to Trump’s campaign communications director, Tim Murtaugh, Biden’s trend would be risking the safety of Americans. “Biden is incapable of bringing our country together because he has been taken over by the radical left. He is actively putting Americans’ lives at risk by making our streets more dangerous, cops’ jobs more difficult, and families less safe,” according to Fox News.

Meanwhile, Kaelan Dorr, marketing director for U.S. President Donald Trump’s campaign, notes in a tweet that Biden is controlled by his party’s radical left-wing. “The radical left-wing of the Democratic Party has taken control of Joe Biden. “He has embraced defunding the police, amnesty, and disastrous economic policies that put our nation’s safety at risk.”

In addition, Trump’s campaign points to Biden’s anti-police stance and therefore would seek to cut the institution’s budget.

“In the wake of Joe Biden saying police have “become the enemy” and calling for police funding to be cut and redirected elsewhere, the corporate media rushed to do damage control for their preferred candidate,” the Republican campaign website states, also pointing out how the media is trying to amend Biden’s statement.  

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