In the wake of the disastrous takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban Islamic radicals, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) was very concerned about the repercussions this could have on U.S. national security. 

In particular, she referred to the news provided to members of Congress by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, according to which more than 5,000 Afghan terrorists were released from prisons by the Taliban, in an interview with Steve Bannon published on Aug. 15. 

For Taylor Greene, the threat posed by these thousands of terrorists at liberty is even more acute when considering the ease with which illegal immigrants penetrate the country through the border with Mexico, which already represented a crisis in itself. 

Taylor-Greene said she is extremely disturbed ” that 5000 prisoners were released from the camp. These are known terrorists and many of these terrorists are on your watch list.”

She added: “Combine that with the wide open border that president Biden has allowed to happen at our southern border with the United States Mexico and we have a serious national security crisis already exists for America but now it’s worse.”

Moreover, for Taylor Greene, the presence of the terrorist group ISIS in the Afghan uprising compounds the danger. 

Some videos show the departure of large numbers of prisoners, such as this one shared by Twitter user @redwallpusher.

They have seized many U.S. military weapons, vehicles,, and equipment, making the situation more pressing. Additionally, Afghans enjoy more than 18,000 visas granted by Congress.

On top of that, “you have to understand the Taliban’s alignment with Pakistan and al Qaeda and what a dangerous practices for Afghanistan in any American,” Taylor Greene stressed. 

On the other hand, the intervention of the Chinese communist regime does not go unnoticed. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with senior Taliban leaders in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin on July 28.

The Chinese communist regime flaunts the intervention in Afghanistan as a supposed mission to bring peace and reconciliation to its complex social fabric but has announced the extension of its Belt and Road economic corridor right through its territory, the Daily Mail reported.

Following the announcement of the U.S. troop withdrawal in Afghanistan, the Chinese regime announced a $62 billion investment plan in the war-torn country.

Moreover, Taylor Greene’s concerns are shared by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

Graham asked Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Milley whether, given the situation in Afghanistan, they would review the assessment presented to Congress in June about the “medium” risk of terrorist groups reconstituting themselves in Afghanistan within two years.

Milley answered “yes,” adding that he would have to assume that the deadline would be moved up and that he would be happy to brief senators in a classified setting, according to Axios. 

Meanwhile, the situation for Afghan citizens who feel threatened by the violence that characterizes the Taliban is desperate, as seen in numerous videos depicting their flight.