Republican members of the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis on Thursday, June 25, called on the attorneys general of New York, California, Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania to investigate the deaths in nursing homes related to the virus in their states, singling out New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for having failed to provide a response.

“These governors are withholding information from the public and House Democrats are letting them get away with it with their partisan refusal to join our investigation,” Republican Whip and Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis Ranking Member Steve Scalise said in a statement. “As a result, we are now calling on the attorneys general of these states to investigate the orders behind these avoidable tragedies.”

According to an analysis from Forbes, 42% of all CCP Virus (coronavirus) deaths across the country have occurred in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The five states House Republicans are seeking investigations into were among those having the highest proportion of nursing homes cases and deaths. These states ordered nursing homes to accept patients who tested positive for the virus. Cuomo was first to issue such an order on March 25 but reserved the policy after facing mounting criticism.

“Grieving families of those who died as a result of these orders deserve answers about why they were put in place and the full extent of their impact, and there is no amount of stonewalling, name-calling, or blame-shifting that will make us give up on getting them,” Scalise said.

Cuomo has received a big-money boost from the Greater New York Hospital Association, a lobbying group for hospital systems, some of which own nursing homes. In April, he signed legislation granting hospital and nursing homes executives immunity from lawsuits related to the CCP Virus.

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