GOP Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said on Sunday, April 11, that former President Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential election was not “stolen.”

Cheney has emerged as one of the former president’s most adamant opponents in the Republican Party in the Capitol riot’s aftermath, highlighting a schism between the party’s leadership and its most recent president. She was one of ten House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump for his suspected riot involvement on January 6.

Because of her impeachment vote, more than half of the members of the House Republican Conference did not agree with Cheney and agreed to remove her from the party’s chair.

Breitbart reports that during an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation,” host Margaret Brennan said that, “Unfortunately, last night the former president seemed to be talking in a proud way about the crowd size on January 6. He gave a speech at Mar-a-Lago. He was the keynote speaker at an RNC fundraiser. He talked about Vice President Pence not doing more to stop the election certification, according to reports in the Times and the Post. So he is the best messenger for the party?”

Cheney stated, “The former president uses the same language he knows provoked violence on January 6. As a party, we need to be focused on the future. We need to be focused on embracing the Constitution, not embracing insurrection. I think it is very important for people to realize that a fundamental part of the Constitution, and of who we are as Americans, is the rule of law, the judicial process.
“The election wasn’t stolen. There was a judicial process in place. If you attack the judicial process and you attack the rule of law, you aren’t defending the Constitution. You’re at war with the Constitution,” she added.
“We have to embrace the Constitution and put forward positive solutions. We have to be the party of hope, of aspiration, of inspiration, the party that recognizes and understands that the taxes need to be low, the government needs to be limited in size, a strong national defense, though substantive things, not the party of insurrection,” she continued.
 Although some senior Republicans, such as Cheney and Mitch McConnell, have blamed Trump for the violence, Trump’s supporters and lawmakers have remained staunch supporters. 
Trump has been attempting to maintain his GOP grip by increasing fundraising activities and supporting loyalists ahead of the 2022 mid-term elections, despite being stripped of his usual social media outlets following the riot.

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