According to KMPH, the 12 babies born to a Redding firefighter in the year following the Carr Fire got together for a photo shoot near the one year anniversary of the Carr Fire.

Kimberly Hanlon, a Redding Fire wife said:

“After the Carr Fire, after we all went through something emotional we all got together and were telling each other what was happening and we all kind of figured out we were all pregnant together,”

They call it a big family. They said it’s incredible, 12 babies were born in one year for such a small department. Three births are twin sets.

Garrett Claycamp said:

“[We are] very family oriented and I think that’s one of the things that’s one of the reasons we love this job and being able to help each other out family and friends”

Hanlon said that the Carr fire brought the wives closer. At the time, six of them were pregnant.

Hanlon said:

“We actually communicated day and night, 24/7,”

“It was a hard time especially being pregnant everyone, you know, trying to get together and help each other.”

During the Carr Fire, their husbands were all out on the fire lines. Hanlon said that many were either evacuated or helped someone else evacuate.

Hanlon’s husband was working that night and he told her that through text he loved her, Hanlon added:

“A lot of us actually got that text that we love you very much.”

Nearly one year later, the fire station had a much different energy. Signs of prosperity and new beginnings put smiles on everybody’s face.

A dozen babies will grow up in the Redding Fire family, Hanlon said:

“We are going to have a lot of play dates and a lot of kids and probably tantrums and good times together.”

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