“Recognizing Taiwan as an independent country” would be the greatest punishment the United States could apply to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), given the multiple causes of friction between the two, said Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas).

The United States does not want to go to war with the CCP, but it must compete with the CCP and also defend human rights and democracy, said McCaul, who is also chairman of the House Working Group on China, according to the Taipei Times of July 12, citing VOA.

“I think the most punitive measure would be to recognize the legitimacy of Taiwan as an independent country. That would be a fundamental step in the right direction,” McCaul said.

McCaul referred to the case as a reminder of the steps the United States could take in support of Taiwan when asked about the precautions it could take in the face of the new repressive law passed by the CCP in Hong Kong, which could point to Taiwan as the next target of the CCP.

“In a 100-year marathon, the long-term goal [of the CCP] is to take back Taiwan in the same way they just took back Hong Kong,” McCaul said, assuring that the United States will not allow it.

McCaul said Congress had approved the sale of weapons, including F-16 bomber jets, to help Taiwan’s self-defense.

Additionally, he referred to other issues that confront the United States and the CCP, including the possibility of technology theft, which is causing other countries to take their companies out of Chinese territory, recognizing that short-term profits end up being a serious problem in the long term, due to the mistrust this situation generates.

Thus, McCaul mentioned that the United States must step up its game and become more competitive with its technology to compete in the construction of the 5G internet network, monopolized by Huawei that depends on the CCP.

Another important issue is the debt traps that the CCP is setting for developing countries through its Belt and Road Initiative, to which the United States should pay more attention.

The CCP’s violation of the international treaty protecting Hong Kong’s autonomy has been internationally rejected and leads one to believe that Taiwan will be the next target of the CCP, which considers Taiwan part of China.

Thus, Harvard University political science professor Graham Allison believes that Taiwan’s continued quest for independence could result in an invasion by the CCP, according to Taiwan News.