A Colorado radio talk show announcer allegedly lost his job and was rehired the very next day because he was critical of the president on Nov. 16.

710 KNUS Denver conservative radio host Craig Silverman claims his employment was briefly terminated because he ran a segment on former Trump attorney Roy Cohn that included critical remarks about Donald Trump.

Silverman, who was previously the Denver chief deputy district attorney, revealed after working for the station for more than five years he no longer wanted to follow what he described as station owner Salem Media’s conservative narrative on the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

“I think they [Salem Media] take their cues from the president,” he told CNN’s Reliable Sources program. “I am a trial attorney, I am a former prosecutor, I know how to put on a case … [U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine] Maria Yovanovitch she inspired me, she was an outstanding witness but, if nobody on radio talks about it, how are the American people going to understand?”

Silverman claimed his broadcast was interrupted during his segment about the probe and the station program director entered the studio and told him “You’re done,” according to The Associated Press. The landing page for his Craig Silverman Show was also removed from the station’s website.

The host was unhappy about being taken off air because he did not have time to announce a live ad for a local business.

“I got fired before I could do live ad for Barotz Dental,” he said on Twitter. “I grew up with crooked teeth, wore braces and then a retainer. Still had ugly teeth so what could I do? I went to the best right in heart of downtown Denver. If you want to eat apples and carrots, go see Dr. Charles Barotz.”

He also pleaded with his former employer to upload his podcasts to the station website and attached a photo of his work contract that confirms his duties include providing voice over work for promotional announcements at the station.

“Please post my podcasts 710 KNUS, let the world hear what I said before [my] mic[rophone was] cut,” Silverman said on Twitter. “I predict Salem hosts [will] discuss [with] me more than facts piling up against the president of the United States at [the] impeachment hearing.”

Silverman said his dismissal would not stop him from discussing parts of the inquiry that he believes led to him being fired.

“I want to talk about these things and thanks for the opportunity to do it here,” he told CNN. “I am sure I will find another form.”

KNUS representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press. However, Silverman claimed on social media the station had already offered him his old job back. It is unclear whether he will be allowed to speak critically about Trump.

“710 KNUS just emailed [me and] it wants me back, great,” he said on Twitter.