After the Democratic Party showed a strong tendency towards leftist ideology, some of its leaders are preparing radical changes to the country’s political system, should they win the presidency in the next elections.

Among the announced changes are eliminating the ‘filibuster,’ changing the status of Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. to states, and expanding the Supreme Court, Fox News reported on Oct. 1.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said on Sept. 30.

“As far as the filibuster, I’m not busting my chops to become majority leader to do very little or nothing. We are going to get a whole lot done. Everything, everything is on the table,” Schumer said, according to National File.

Schumer also expressed a preference for making Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. states: “I’d love to make them states,” he confirmed.

The ‘filibuster’ is used in the Senate to block or delay a bill’s passage or other matter. To achieve this, senators who oppose it debate at length, file procedural motions, or other actions that interfere with it.

Eliminating the filibuster would make it easier for Democrats to win the presidency and dominate both the House and the Senate and stay in power.

“If President Biden wants to get things done, he can’t play around with the filibuster. So, I think that should be the first item of business with a Senate majority which is Democrat—to get rid of the filibuster,” said former Senate Democratic majority leader Harry Reid. He was elected by Nevada, according to the National File.

However, removing the ‘filibuster’ is controversial within the Democratic Party, as some senators oppose the change.
Adding states to the Union requires the consent of the entire Congress, requiring a majority of Democrats in both chambers.

One consequence of making Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. into states is that each allows for the appointment of a representative to the House and two senators. The Democrats count on the votes of these new legislators being for their party.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi passed legislation that would make Washington a state, giving it one representative in the House and two in the Senate, if a majority in the Senate is achieved.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called this change “full-bored socialism.”

Another change being considered among Democrats is to increase the number of Supreme Court justices, seeking a majority of Democratic judges.

Currently, Republican judges outnumber Democrats 5 to 3, and if Justice Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed, the balance would be 6 to 3.

Perhaps one of the most radical measures supported by Senator and Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris is the continuation of the disastrous riots that have caused death and destruction in many U.S. cities in recent months.

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