U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren recently said, “We need to call out white supremacy for what it is. Domestic terrorism. And it poses a threat to the United States of America. We live in a country now where the president is advancing environmental racism, economic racism, criminal justice racism, health care racism. The way we do better is to fight back and show something better.”

Let me reassure anyone out there listening that compared with any other country in the world at any time in history, relatively speaking there’s almost nothing to be afraid of and that America, while not perfect, is still the greatest nation in the world with the following fundamental principles guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Limited government, separation of powers as in the judicial, legislative and executive branches, checks and balances, judicial review, federalism or shared state and federal government control, republicanism, which is our representative form of government organization and finally, popular sovereignty or a political ideology centered on citizenship in a state organized as a republic where voters express their will to the government. So why do these politicians keep calling people especially the president of the United States racist? I’m Matt Tullar and here’s my opinion.

For a long time now, many selfish deceitful people tempted by the lust for power have conspired to gain political power in the United States using the tactics of either communism, political Islam, or both. The main objective is to dismantle any or all of America that prevents them and their kind from taking over, and they are indeed a very serious threat to the fundamental principles of American freedom. However, we are truly fortunate to have such a champion of free market capitalism and righteous religious freedom in the White House. In a recent news report called  “Will Trump Drain The Swamp in Baltimore First?” I said their worst nightmare may be unfolding before their very eyes as the quintessential unbribable billionaire and honest bean counter President Donald Trump, the political outsider with no cronies in government and no reason to cover his tracks is just getting warmed up with corruption in Baltimore and holding House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) accountable like never before.


In general, unscrupulous politicians use the race word as a tactic to confuse, distract, and terrify a free and moral voting public in order to either get elected or solicit donations, or both. These race hustlers who lash out with this word have little to contribute to the common good because that almost always requires a lot of real hard problem-solving work with accountable results and they are usually looking to create that classic democratic vote for me and or send me your money and I will work tirelessly to end this problem even if it does not exist like racism in America.

That’s right. In my opinion, racism is practically nonexistent in America but if you discover I’m wrong then please seek legal council and exercise your right as a U.S. citizen to the fundamental principles of popular sovereignty and judicial review. Meanwhile, imagine that I am a community organizer claiming to fix a problem that you rarely, if ever, see but certainly don’t approve of like racism. This tactic is an almost perfect scam that’s extremely difficult to hold these politically active manipulators accountable for. If you, the voting public don’t see the racist problem then there’s either something wrong with you in your ability to recognize this incredibly hyped-up big problem like systemic racism that doesn’t really exist or my people like Jessie Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition have already done such a great job in your area that you should still support our efforts because its the moral or right thing to do. Obviously, it’s an extremely effective method to gain power, eh?

The point is, a skilled racist manipulator can make racism appear where ever and when ever he needs it, to demonstrate why you should continue to support him. This fits and improves his false credibility and provides him with job security. That’s why the Rev. Al Sharpton showed up in Baltimore and called the president names, but the real question is who paid for his travel expenses and where did that money come from?

Distinguished author and economist Thomas Sowell describes in his book “Dismantling America” how former President Obama is one of these community manipulators organizing resentment in order to put them into a battle to get what they want from other people and has been associated with people who don’t believe in the fundamental principles of America like the radical Rev. Jeremiah Wright or the Weather Underground domestic terrorist now retired professor Bill Ayer. In 2008, Wright quoted Malcolm X on ABC TV saying, “America’s chickens are coming home to roost,” which was widely interpreted as meaning that America had brought the September 11 attacks upon itself. Is that what Obama believed?

In 1969, Ayers co-founded the Weather Underground, a self-described Communist revolutionary group with the intent of overthrowing imperialism that conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings including police stations, the U.S. Capitol Building, and the Pentagon and now of all the crazy things Ayers is a retired professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Education. Anybody else wondering how a guy that bombs the Pentagon became qualified to influence impressionable youth or why so many university graduates are focused on activism or just out of touch with reality? Meanwhile, here’s what Thomas Sowell thinks about this.

Here is an excerpt of a conversation with Thomas Sowell (TS) and Peter Robinson (PR) during an episode of Uncommon Knowledge on Youtube from August 2010.

Mr. Peter Robinson: Again from “Dismantling America,” while the Obama administration is not the root cause of the ominous dangers that face this country at home and abroad. It is the embodiment the personification and the culmination of dangerous trends that began decades ago. How does the president of the United States embody dangerous trends? How do you see this man?

Mr. Thomas Sowell: I see him as someone who, all his life, has been associated with and part of a group of people who fundamentally don’t believe in the principles of this country. The most obvious example obviously is Jeremiah Wright and people like Bill Ayers. You know people he’s tried to disavow but people who fundamentally think that we’re on the wrong track, that we have the wrong principles and we need to be changed. Whether we want to be or not.

Peter Robinson: Tom, you mentioned Jeremiah Wright his pastor at a church in Chicago. You mentioned Bill Ayers, a former member of the Weather Underground, a terrorist group. What about his (Obama) formation, his intellectual formation at Columbia Harvard Law School?

Thomas Sowell: What he himself says is that he always sought out the most radical people. He worked as a community organizer. I don’t think most people stop and think what does a community organizer do? He doesn’t organize a community.

Peter Robinson: It’s not bake sales he’s organized? 

Thomas Sowell: No, he’s not telling people in the community how to shop better and stuff like that. He is mobilizing all the resentments, organizing them in order to put them into a battle to get what they want from other people.”