Dr. Ben Carson, secretary of Housing and Urban Development said “respect” is something he believes people need to have with those in authority, such as police officers. However, said Carson, we need to sift out racist cops from the force.

Carson was asked by host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” “Have you ever had what’s called ‘the talk’ with any of your sons about how to act, how to conduct yourself when you’re confronted by a policeman?”

“I have the same talk with them that my mother had with me and my brother, told them that we should always respect the positions of authority, like the police. I told my sons the same thing,” Carson responded. “And I’ve never had a problem, they’ve never had a problem.”

Carson continued, “Does that mean that there are no racist cops? No, it does not mean that. Does it mean that we need to get them out of our system? It absolutely does, and we need to look at appropriate reforms, and this is probably a good time to shine a spotlight on it, and get it done.”

Carson told CNN’s Jake Tapper during “State of the Union” last Saturday, “I grew up in a time when there was real systemic racism. I remember as an eighth-grade student I was the only black student and I got the highest academic achievement and the teacher got up and berated the other students. They weren’t trying hard enough because a black kid was number one.”

Calls for “defunding” police departments have increased during the past week, setting off police officers’ resignations en masse.

The present riots across America are the fallout from the murder of black man George Floyd on May 25, followed by the shooting by police of Rayshard Brooks, a black man suspected by police of drunk driving.

President Trump is addressing the issue of policing in the United States said Carson, and at the same time, he supports the rights of police to carry out their duties in protecting others.

“That’s one of the things that the president has made very clear, and that is, you know, this is an issue. It will be looked at, it will be dealt with in very much the same way that the other problems were, criminal justice reform, people have talked about it forever,” Carson said. “This administration has gotten it done. Getting money into the areas that have been depressed. This president has done it,” reported the Washington Examiner.