A New York police officer has been honored for saving a six-week-old baby from choking on food on Friday night, June 25.

According to the Times Union, Officer Caitlyn Krage of the Bethlehem Police Department (BPD) answered a call about an unconscious baby at a home on Griffin Circle in North Bethlehem.

According to the BPD, Officer Krage arrived at the location minutes after receiving the urgent call and promptly located the child and saw the baby unresponsive and frothing at the mouth; she then performed the Heimlich maneuver. Officer Krage was successful in clearing the baby’s airway.

The infant was transported to Albany Medical Center for medical assessment after emergency medical workers arrived.


The BPD published a photo of the officer and thanked her for saving the baby’s life in a Facebook post on Saturday, adding, “Well done Officer Krage!”

Facebook users praised the officer’s actions in such a difficult circumstance, with one calling her a “true hero!”

“I’m sure those parents are deeply, incredibly grateful for her quick thinking and skill. Thanks for sharing the positive stories. Another person said, “We all need good news, and I’m so thankful the officer was able to save that baby’s life.”

“That’s wonderful news! Someone another said, “Thank you, Officer Krage, for your work last night, and to all the officers and staff of the BPD for all that you do each day.”

The BPD’s vision and mission, according to its website, are to provide a high level of law enforcement and public safety services to the community in a professional, compassionate, and cost-effective way.

“The police department is dedicated to serving and protecting the public by providing consistent, fair, and non-discriminating public safety operations,” according to the website.

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