A Democratic congresswoman who had recovered from the CCP virus urged the left to join with President Trump and abandon political partisanship to overcome the deadly pandemic that is invading the country.

Rep. Karen Whitsett (D-Mich.), who thanked President Trump for recommending hydroxychloroquine, a medicine she credits with curing the virus.

“Politics needs to be put aside at a time like this,” Whitsett said in an interview with Fox News, in which she recounted her recovery experience, after personally thanking Trump at the White House, accompanied by Vice President Mike Pence.

“Had you not brought this to the forefront of the HQ, of being able to put this out here, I wouldn’t be here today to even have this conversation with you,” Whitsett thanked Trump, referring to the medicine he pushed.

She also rejected partisan political posturing in the face of a crisis like the CCP Virus, describing such a situation as “sickened” her.

“And at this time right now, everyone needs to get behind the president of the United States and the vice president of the United States, and we need to simply unite together,” Whitsett reiterated, insisting that Americans had “a president that’s in the White House—not a Republican president.”

At another time, former NFL player Mark Campbell also acknowledged his healing from the CCP Virus by taking the drug hydroxychloroquine, which is commonly used to fight malaria.

The drug is not technically approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), despite multiple successful studies, in which it has been shown to benefit patients treated with it.

Dr. Anthony Cardillo, the chief executive officer of Mend Urgent Care, a series of clinics based in California, uses hydroxychloroquine in conjunction with zinc, according to ABC News.

“It should be reserved for people who are really sick, in the hospital or at home very sick, who need that medication,” Cardillo said, recommending caution in the use of the medicine in patients with mild symptoms.

Sermo, a private network of U.S. doctors, reported that 37 percent of the 6,227 doctors from different countries who participated in a survey said the medicine was “the most effective therapy” among 15 other drug options for treating the SCC virus.

The CCP virus pandemic is causing hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide and huge economic losses.

The blame for this disaster lies with the Chinese Communist regime, which has concealed the seriousness of the outbreak, according to a report delivered by the U.S. intelligence community to the White House.

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