On the eve of Columbus Day, far-left protesters like antifa and Black Lives Matter identified with claims of racial equality, decided to commemorate the Day of Rage in Portland by vandalizing stores and tearing down historic statues of Lincoln and Roosevelt over the weekend.

The city of Portland experienced another day of street violence, as hundreds of protesters organized to destroy and loot businesses and tear down monuments. According to local media reports by Oregon Live, the riots were part of the controversial Day of Rage on the eve of Columbus Day. 

On Oct. 12, Day of the Race is celebrated in commemoration of the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America. Many leftist movements that promote racial equality identify Columbus’s arrival as the beginning of violence against the indigenous people and the exploitation of whites over blacks, which these groups claim continues to this day. For this reason, they reject the celebration of Oct. 12 and decided to replace it with violent protests naming it the day of “rage.”

Independent journalist Andy Ngo, was documenting the riots in the city and published images of the disasters on his official Twitter account. In his post he writes, “Antifa rioters in the process of toppling the Portland statue of Roosevelt. They were soon successful in pulling it down.”

In the video you can hear a woman shouting “[Expletive removed] all you colonizers!…Everyone of you that’s against Black Lives Matter can [expletive removed] the expletive removed] off.”

The video released by Ngo, shows the protesters tearing down the statue of Teddy Roosevelt with a chain tied around the statue and you could hear the protesters cheering as it staggered until it finally fell. 

According to Oregon Live, the Roosevelt statue fell at about 8:51 p.m. Sunday, and the Abraham Lincoln statue fell about eight minutes later on Portland’s South Park Block. The newspaper confirmed that there was no law enforcement intervention until at least an hour later.

After knocking down the statues, violent protesters began breaking windows at the Oregon Historical Society, unfurling a banner that read, “Stop honoring the racist colonist killers.” Later, they continued to march down Fifth Avenue, breaking several stained glass windows and office towers along a seven-block stretch.

The organizers of the riots promoted the event through social announcing it as the Day of the Rage of Indigenous Peoples. According to Oregon Live, the organizers first raised their aggressive stance calling for “direct action” and a ban on photographers and video transmissions. 

President Trump, who continues to stand firm in his stance to maintain law and order against violent leftist groups, intervened via his Twitter account saying, “These are Biden fools. ANTIFA RADICALS. Get them FBI, and get them now!”

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