Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Minnesota dropped to the knee for a moment’s silence after hearing of a fatal police shooting just before taking off to march in protest.  When it became known that the carjacking suspect also fired at the police and was a white man, the mob diffused.

On Sunday, Fox 9’s reporter Mitti Hicks published a video of demonstrators gathering outside of Gov. Tim Walz’s mansion in St. Paul, preparing for a protest as words of another fatal shooting from police were spreading around.

In an update by Hicks just one hour after the video of their kneeling, the protesters recoiled, saying, “they need more information about what happened in Burnsville first,” instead of turning to Brooklyn Center as a new destination for a different riot. 

News of the suspect’s original race of being a white man appeared to have deterred the mob, said the New York Post

The incident occurred on Sunday around 3 p.m on Highway 13 in Burnsville, Minnesota, Kare11 reported. The young suspect aged around 20 years old, carjacked a woman with a firearm. He fired shots at the Burnsville law enforcement when they started pursuing him. The suspect jumped out of the moving car, pointing his gun at an approaching SUV as he continued running. He was shot multiple times by pursuing officers.No police were injured during the shootout.

Witness of the carjacking incident, Brooke Wells, a waitress at TGI Fridays in Burnsville, told Kare 11 that he entered her restaurant, confronted the female victim, and snatched the keys on the table before running out. “I chased him out the door. He jumped into the car that was by the door, and I’m like, ‘I wouldn’t do that if I was you,” Wells added. 

In the released surveillance footage, the suspect can be seen exiting the white car while still moving. He ran to a road holding an apparent firearm aiming at an SUV as it moved close to him. According to officials, police fired back at him, resulting in his death.  

“Any death is a tragedy, and our hearts go out to everyone involved,” said Burnsville Mayor Elizabeth Kautz to Fox9. 

“We value the work our police officers do in our community every day, and we will need to get all the facts before we make any judgments,” the mayor said.

The outlet added that officers presented at the incident were wearing body cameras and the video will be collected for investigation by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. 

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