Demonstrators in support of Donald Trump organized meetings in front of government buildings in several U.S. states, moderately advocating transparent elections and succeeding in disrupting some official functions.

From Atlanta to Salem, Oregon, supporters of the MAGA movement joined the allegations of Trump as well as his campaign team and denounced the election that announced Joe Biden as the winner, having allegedly been stolen by fraud, according to local media.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, there were no reports of immediate violence, although according to police, one photographer ended up being maced or pepper sprayed during the rally, according to Newsmax.

Workers were sent home early after a demonstration of about 400 people was held outside the Capitol, according to Lt. Nick Street of the Utah Highway Patrol.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the protesters put up signs at the Capitol building saying “Stop the robbery” and “Trump won!”

According to KSHB television, about 100 demonstrators managed to enter the state palace in Topeka, Kansas, and gathered on the second floor of the Capitol rotunda in a peaceful manner.

Both the Kansas City Highway Patrol and the Kansas Capitol Police reported that they were aware of the two demonstrations that took place inside and outside the building.

In Denver, Colorado, Mayor Michael Hancock ordered city agencies to close early as a precaution after nearly 700 demonstrators gathered at the state Capitol. While they chanted a few slogans, they maintained a peaceful attitude.

Georgia authorities ordered the closure of a major courthouse complex as well as several other government buildings in Atlanta as a result of the demonstrations that were organized at the state palace.

Several demonstrators organized a Stop the Steal demonstration at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix.

In New Mexico, police evacuated personnel from the Capitol building as a precautionary measure shortly after hundreds of flag-waving supporters arrived in a motorcade and on horseback, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The demonstrators sang “God Bless America,” honked horns and through a megaphone said President Trump was the rightful winner of the election, according to the Tribune.

Demonstrators in support of President Trump were also reportedly gathered in other capitals such as Little Rock, Arkansas; Tallahassee, Florida; Madison, Wisconsin; and Columbia, South Carolina.