The new conflict between Israel and Palestine in the so-called Gaza Strip has awakened a growing wave of violent anti-Semitism in the United States and other parts of the world. It is contradictory that anti-Semitic actions and violence against Jews are generally promoted by leftist sectors who claim to defend equality and fight against discrimination and racism. 

It seems that the pro-Palestinian demonstrators have been motivated by the recent confrontation between Israel and Palestine and began a series of anti-Semitic attacks that seems to be continuing to escalate.

From New York and California to Illinois and Utah, the recent conflict between Israel and Gaza has generated a disturbing backlash against American Jews, who have become the target of death threats, hate speech, and violent physical attacks, Fox News reported.

“Stop telling me this is about Israel and Gaza,” said a New Yorker who was confronted by a pro-Palestinian mob on his way to synagogue this week. “My people are being targeted across the United States in broad daylight. This is textbook anti-Semitism, and we will continue to live in danger until the public starts to recognize it for what it is.”

This person’s comments were echoed in many U.S. cities and other parts of the world under the same anti-Semitic logic.

In Los Angeles, a group of pro-Palestine protesters jumped out of their vehicles while passing by a Beverly Grove restaurant on Tuesday, May 18. They began pointing at and assaulting Jewish diners in a violent attack caught on a bystander’s camera. 

The video shows members of a motorcade of cars carrying Palestinian flags as they drive in close proximity to a Sushi restaurant while reportedly shouting “Death to Jews!” and throwing glass bottles.

In Illinois, a synagogue in Skokie was vandalized Sunday in what is being investigated as a hate crime, authorities reported. Congregants found a “Free Palestine” sign on the door of the Persian Hebrew Congregation, along with a broken window and an unidentified object that looked like a “weapon.” 

New York, a quintessentially liberal city, is where the anti-Semitic attacks were most concentrated.

Former New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a pro-Israel Democrat who is also the founder of Americans Against Antisemitism, documented various acts of violence perpetrated on Thursday, as did several journalists and citizens who witnessed the violence as it unfolded on May 21.

Other videos include attacks at a restaurant by a group of pro-Palestinian protesters spitting at allegedly Jewish diners. A correspondent for the conservative news website American Pigeon filmed the incident.

In parallel, U.S. leftist groups such as Black Lives Matter expressed their “solidarity” with the Palestinians amid the conflict with Israel, defining their blunt stance against the Jewish people in a message via Twitter.

“Black Lives Matter stands in solidarity with Palestinians. We are a movement committed to ending settler colonialism in all forms and will continue to advocate for Palestinian liberation. (always have. And always will be).“

Thus it is once again evident how fallacious the leftist discourse against discrimination and equality is. It is obvious how they manipulate society, using speeches that sound pleasant to the ears as long as they serve their globalist agenda. But when their words turn against allies or particular interests, morality is put aside as it happens with racism against Jews. 


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