A campaign of pro-life groups has been collecting donations for migrant children arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The initiative is called Bottles to the Border and is led by former employees of abortion clinics and pro-life feminist women.

The campaign has already raised $100,000 and will receive donations—materials and money—until July 13.

One of the visible faces of the movement is Abby Johnson, who was the director of a clinic for Planned Parenthood, and resigned after witnessing the darkness of the abortion industry. She then joined the pro-life cause and her story was recently made popular by the film “Unplanned.”

“On July 13, I’m going to the Mexican border (…) to help the immigrants who desperately need us,” Johnson wrote in her Facebook account.

In another post, Johnson describes that she seeks to be part of a movement that is not only against abortion. “We are going to be a movement (…) for human dignity, at all stages, in all countries. We’re going to support moms and their families,” explains the director of And Then There Were None.

“Let’s be a movement that reaches out to those who need our physical and emotional assistance … whether those people are walking in an abortion clinic, on the border, or are homeless,” she notes.

To date, more than 50 pro-life organizations have joined the cause. Among them is New Wave Feminist, a feminist women’s movement that—unlike radical feminist groups—s pro-life and against abortion.

“New Wave feminists are here to recover feminism from those who have corrupted it,” says New Wave Feminist on its Facebook page.

“Shortly before birth, our femininity was exchanged for a handful of birth control pills, the ‘privilege’ of posing for a Playboy magazine and the ‘right’ to abort our children,” they add in a sharp critique of today’s feminist movement.

“Let us always strive to be a movement of love, redemption, and hope. Let’s not focus only on the unborn, but on all those who desperately need protection and support,” Johnson said.

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