The prestigious Princeton University will offer a course on the history of the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement focusing on ‘systemic racism’ in the United States, ‘white supremacy’ and ‘state violence’ against ‘blacks and browns.’

The bibliography to be read in the course, to be taught during the winter of 2022, includes the book ‘Freedom is a Constant Struggle’ by Angela Davis, a former Communist Party USA leader and former member of the Black Panthers. Davis, a Marxist student movement of the late ’60s, was imprisoned for being implicated in the kidnapping and murder of a California judge.

“This seminar traces the historical roots and growth of the Black Lives Matter social movement in the United States and comparative global contexts,” the seminar description reads. “The movement and course are committed to resisting, unveiling, and undoing histories of state sanctioned violence against Black and Brown bodies.”

Hanna Grath, organizer of the seminar and an advocate of controversial ‘critical race theory,’ describes herself as a sociocultural anthropologist and medical doctor interested in “the ways in which people struggle to overcome structural violence,” according to the British media outlet Daily Mail.

“All of my research, teaching, and mentoring is designed around my commitment to feminist methodologies and critical race theory,” Grath explains on her website.

“The course seeks to document the forms of dispossession that Black Americans face, and offers a critical examination of the prison industrial complex, police brutality, urban poverty, and white supremacy in the United States,” Grath explains about the seminar.

Divisive teachings

Critical race theory has generated great debate and opposition from a large sector of American society.

According to Fox News, at least 28 states have taken legal action to prevent the doctrine from being taught in public schools, and many high-profile Republicans, such as Governor DeSantis, have openly criticized it:

“I think it’s going to cause a lot of divisions. I think it’ll cause people to think of themselves more as a member of particular race based on skin color, rather than based on the content of their character and based on their hard work and what they’re trying to accomplish in life,” the Florida governor said.

Although the seminar is limited in scope—only 17 out of a quota of 20 signed up and enrollment has already closed—the fact that the doctrine has made its way to an elite college is controversial at the least.

But it is not the first case of elite institutions left are in the news for attempting to normalize Marxist doctrine.

In early May 2021, the father of a student at Brearley College on Manhattan’s Upper East Side with fees of $54,000 a year, denounced the institution for attempting to indoctrinate his daughter with critical race theory.

Andrew Gutmann wrote an open letter published by former New York Times editor Bari Weiss, and it went viral.

“I object to the idea that Blacks are unable to succeed in this country without aid from the government or from whites. Brearley, by adopting critical race theory, is advocating the abhorrent viewpoint that Blacks should forever be regarded as helpless victims, and are incapable of success regardless of their skills, talents, or hard work. What Brearley is teaching our children is precisely the true and correct definition of racism,” the dad criticized.

“I object that Brearley is trying to usurp the role of parents in teaching morality, and bullying parents to adopt that false morality at home. I object that Brearley is fostering a divisive community where families of different races, which until recently were part of the same community, are now segregated into two. These are the reasons why we can no longer send our daughter to Brearley,” Mr. Gutmann explained.