After the whistle attached to a pressure cooker shot off the cooking device and lodged in her skull, an Indian female is blinded in one eye.

The terrible accident occurred as on Sept. 4, Munda Birsi, 57, made a meal with her pressure cooker. According to SWNS, she put the cooker on the gas stove in her home and walked out to cut hay.

Approximately one hour later, the lady who could not hear the whistle screaming over the hay-cutter walked back inside to remove the cooker from the stovetop. The steam, as she did, allegedly caused the whistle to shoot into her face. The nearly 3-inch object pierced “the skull bone separating her eye from her brain,” according to SWNS.

Birsi was rushed to a local hospital where a CT scan revealed that the whistle was jammed into her skull near her brain. The object was lodged so deeply that it was not fully visible from the outside, photos show.

Dr. Ashish Joy Soren with Bhagwan Mahavir Medica Super Speciality Hospital in Jharkhand, India, said SWNS that it was hard to remove the whistle from the woman’s eye.

To start, doctors had to “release adhesions around the whistle and ensure that no bleeding should occur while extricating the metallic object. We had kept backup plans if blood would spurt,” he said. “It was a bit difficult to pull out the whistle as vigorous maneuver would damage the surrounding tissues. We gently pulled the whistle and packed the wound opening with the gauze pieces.”

“The surgery was successful and we could save the life of the woman, though her left eye could not be saved,” he added.

On Saturday, one day after the procedure to remove the whistle, Birsi was released from the hospital.