President Donald Trump released a patriotic video on July 17 highlighting clips of some memorable moments so far from his service as POTUS with an added subtle shot at the “progressive Democrat congresswomen” who call themselves “the squad”.

President Trump tweeted the video with no explanation other than the sentiment that “GOD BLESS THE USA.”

The video included dozens of clips that showed American supporters proudly waving American flags in support of their country, the president meeting with people all over the nation, his Fourth of July Salute to America 2019 event highlighting America’s military prowess and intelligence with stunning military aircraft flyovers, his visits to disaster and emergency sites and the southern border, and him at an NFL game among other things.

The song “God Bless The USA” played in the background starting at the climactic line, “I’m proud to be an American.”

The video ended with a strong message to the squad: “AMERICA—ONE ‘SQUAD’ UNDER GOD,” implying that they are a squad of four progressive Democrats, while America is an entire squad of hundreds of millions backed by their faith in the Creator.

How many faithful Americans is President Trump talking about when he says “One Squad under God”?

The United States of America has an estimated population of over 329 million people as of this writing, according to the U.S. Population Clock hosted by the United States Census Bureau.

Less known is that at least 90 percent of Americans believe in a higher power. In other words, they believe in God, in a Creator, according to The Pew Research Center.

99 percent believe in God or a higher spiritual force, and of those 99 percent, 70.6 percent identify as Christian.

The tweet has gotten 150,000+ likes so far, 22,000+ comments, and over 38,000 retweets. The comments range from very supportive to hateful, and nearly all political angles in between.

One Twitter user commented, “best country in the history of the world!” Many simply replied with an “Amen.”

One Twitter user commented on a member of “the squad”, “AOC says America is running concentration camps. Why hasn’t she stormed the camps with arms? She invokes WWII all the time on climate change. Put up or shut up, @AOC.”

Another wrote, “America is so proud of President Trump and his wonderful policies!”

And yet another wrote what many critics of the Democratic Party have repeated countless times online, “Thank you for putting Americans ahead of illegal aliens.”

It appears that even after accusations of alleged racism by House Democrats and a few Republicans, and backlash from liberal media, the president is not backing down from his sentiments that the “squad’ of four congresswomen are sending the message through their words and actions that they are “Anti-Semitic” and “Anti-America.”


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