Trump 2020 campaign senior adviser Mercedes Schlapp weighed in on President Donald Trump’s performance in the face of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus pandemic, comparing it to Obama’s handling of the swine flu.

We need to ensure that we remember that with Joe Biden, there was such weak leadership when it came to the swine flu where they ended up depleting our stockpile, where they halted testing when it came to vaccines, and that just shows weak leadership from Joe Biden as opposed to what we have seen with President Trump” Schlapp told Fox News on July 21 on “The Story.”

President Trump has resumed issuing his progress reports on the pandemic to the nation.

” I think people are going to be very pleasantly surprised with what’s going on on the vaccine front and the therapeutic front,” Trump said, according to the July 20 White House report.

He also referred to the financial assistance his administration is preparing to boost small businesses.

“We’re working and negotiating with the Democrats on trying to get a plan that helps small businesses, helps people, helps this country” Trump said, then gave the floor to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to explain the plan.

“We’re focused on starting with another trillion dollars. We think that’s going to have a big impact,” Mnuchin said. He added, “And the focus is, as I said, it’s really on children and jobs and vaccines.”

Mnuchin also believes protective legislation will be passed for Americans who are unemployed before the improved unemployment insurance expires.

Other measures announced at the White House include tax credits to encourage businesses to put people back to work and “money for states for education, for schools that can open safely and provide education,” Mnuchin announced as a priority measure.

Vice President Mike Pence mentioned the expected effects of the aid package that will be delivered soon, after a bipartisan agreement is reached that is being worked on.

It will be “a recovery package that will continue to work until we bring our country back and get to that day when we leave this coronavirus (CCP Virus) behind.”

At the same meeting, Trump reiterated the responsibility of the CCP for hiding and not taking adequate measures to contain the virus before it spread.

“It came from China. It should never have been allowed to leave. It could have been stopped. They could have easily stopped it. They chose not to,” Trump declared once again.