A Gallup Poll conducted during the second half of April shows President Trump’s approval rating at 46 percent, the highest to date during his presidency.

Trump’s job approval rating rose from 39 percent during the first half of March and is up from 45 percent in early April, with 91percent of Republicans now in favor of the president’s performance. Trump’s approval among Democrats rose slightly from 10 percent to 12 percent during the same time period and continues to reflect a deep division based on party affiliation.

Trump’s approval among those who consider themselves to be independent voters has also gone up from 33 percent in March to 39 percent in April, an encouraging sign for Republicans as the next election cycle begins to churn.

While Trump may be viewed as a polarizing figure, his administration’s economic policies have given him a strong base of support, with 58 percent approving of Trump’s economy. The U.S. GDP has grown at 3 percent during each of his first two years in office, and unemployment is now down to near 50-year lows. Those polled largely attribute the economy to Trump-led policies to lower taxes and limit regulations.

The late-April Gallup Poll does not consider the most recent job report, which may well give the president even more momentum going into the next few months.

Trump’s latest approval rating also suggests that he is starting to emerge from controversies surrounding the Mueller investigation. The near-daily negative news coverage that saturated the airwaves for two years may be starting to subside in light of the Justice Department failing to find Trump criminally culpable for conspiring with Russia or obstructing justice during the investigation itself.

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