After almost four years of working for “America First,” President Donald Trump not only made outstanding achievements for the country but also transformed the Republican Party, which now manages his re-election.

Trump’s broad goals and the pursuit of the nation’s welfare altered almost all of the objectives that previous leaders sought, often in vain, definitively impacting his party as well, said former presidential adviser and author Patrick Buchanan on Aug. 24.

Buchanan illustrated his analysis by listing several of the many works that President Trump successfully executed in the national and international arenas.

Simultaneously, the Republican Party moved beyond the sphere it used to frequent and expanded its landscape to a large extent, according to circumstances and driven by its leader’s management.

All these significant advances are now at stake with the coming presidential election. Besides offering the opportunity to continue the development of the voluminous agenda of government with the president’s re-election, it also risks changing the course of the country and erasing these benefits if the Democrats win.

Buchanan pointed out that President Trump reversed the “New World Order” that former President Bush wanted and disentangled America from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Iran’s nuclear agreement, and the Paris climate agreements.

He also imposed more balanced tariffs on countries that were taking advantage of previous tariff policies, and he pressured the other NATO members to increase their contributions.

He supported Israel and mediated peace with the United Arab Emirates, substantially modifying the troubled region’s state.

He also controlled illegal immigration and built much of the wall he promised in his 2016 campaign.

The president signed billions in economic aid for Americans affected by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus and is preparing other grants of similar proportions.

The list of achievements is even longer, but if the Democratic Party wins the presidency, the country will be turned toward extreme left objectives proposed by its leaders, with the approval of the CCP, despite how threatening it is according to the U.S. intelligence services.

Vice President Mike Pence warned, “Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have been overwhelmed by the radical left” and listed parts of Democratic presidential candidate Biden’s agenda.

“His agenda is to raise taxes, socialize medicine, open borders, provide abortion on demand, and cut funding for the men and women who serve in law enforcement,” Pence told the Republican National Convention on Aug. 24.

As the Republican National Convention unfolds, the Republican Party’s best representatives are working to put together strategies that will allow Trump to continue to strengthen “America First” over the next four years after he gets re-elected.