President Donald Trump sent a wish for a swift recovery to Joe Biden after he sprained his right ankle in a fall over the weekend.

“Get well soon!” the president wrote in a tweet on Sunday night, Nov. 29, along with a video shared by NBC News correspondent Kelly O’Donnell, which noted that Biden was leaving an orthopedic office in Delaware earlier in the day.

Biden’s office said that he had slipped while playing with one of his dogs and twisted his ankle on Saturday.

NBC citing a statement from Biden’s doctor, Kevin O’Connor, initially said that Biden sustained a right foot sprain. The additional CT scan confirmed small fractures of his lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones in the mid-foot.

“It is anticipated that he will likely require a walking boot for several weeks,” the doctor said.

Like many other media outlets, NBC used the phrase “president-elect” for Biden, though he is not the president-elect until the Electoral College declares him such.

Biden, who turned 78 earlier this month, reportedly slipped while playing with his German shepherd, Major.

When President Trump informed the public of his infection to the CCP Virus (coronavirus) in early October, Biden also sent the president a recovery wish.

However, President Trump openly announced his virus infection on his Twitter account, while Biden has not revealed his foot injury on his social media account.

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