The Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort is preparing for duty, and NYC harbor is being dredged to accommodate it next week, with its arrival due on Monday, March 30.

The converted supertanker has a 33-year history of giving global support where needed, it will be bringing supplies to help fight the CCP Virus in Manhattan.

President Trump will be there to see the mercy ship off in Norfolk, Virginia, on Saturday, March 28, “I told the governor, 20 minutes ago, Governor Cuomo, that the ship will be arriving in New York harbor on Monday. I think I’m going to go out and I’ll kiss it goodbye. I’ll go to—it’s in Virginia as you know. I will go and we’ll be waving together because I suspect the media will be following,” Trump said on Thursday.

“I actually look forward to Saturday to see it go. The ship will arrive, and I believe it’s going to get a little bit of a ceremony,” he added. “There’s something very beautiful about it.”

“President @realDonaldTrump will travel to Norfolk, Virginia, this Saturday to bid bon voyage to the hospital ship USNS COMFORT as it leaves for New York City to the frontlines of the COVID-19 virus response,” The White House tweeted Thursday.

The Comfort has more than 1,000 hospital beds and will be used to help ease the strain on city hospitals by allowing patients without the CCP Virus, commonly called coronavirus, to be treated on the ship. Emergency surgeries along with trauma care patients will also be treated on board the Comfort.

“Over 1,200 medical personnel and critical supplies will be onboard the vessel. They will bring to bear the skills, care, and compassion needed to wage this fight against an invisible enemy,” the White House said in a statement.

“These doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, X-ray technicians, orderlies, and other medical staff will augment and support New York City’s medical community and conserve hospital capacity by treating some non-COVID-19 patients aboard the USNS COMFORT,” it continued.

As the USNS COMFORT weighs anchor and leaves Norfolk Naval Station, home to the most powerful fleet in the world,” the White House added, “she does so to embark on one of the most important assignments of her storied career—serving the American people in this great hour of need.”