On the eve of the Election Day, Monday, Nov. 2, President Trump signed an executive order to create the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission, which will be in charge of promoting a more patriotic vision of the United States.

The “1776” in the commission’s name refers to the year Americans won the Revolutionary War against the British and declared their independence. 

At that time, the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and poured into it their vision of “a political order in harmony with the design of ‘the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,’ seeing the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as embodied in and sanctioned by natural law and its traditions.”

The “great experiment” that resulted from this vision, the United States, marked a clear distinction from previous forms of government that resulted with the tyranny of their rulers who subjugated the population. The idea of the Founding Fathers was to elect a government to ensure that the people would not be deprived of their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

From then on, the United States went through the American Civil War that ended slavery, but it wasn’t until the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr. that black people gained the same rights as everyone else.

It was a path of evolution that ended up turning the country into the “land of opportunities” or the “land of the free” where many fled the tyranny of their governments or the poverty of their countries for better opportunities.

“Against this history, in recent years, a series of polemics grounded in poor scholarship has vilified our Founders and our founding. Despite the virtues and accomplishments of this Nation, many students are now taught in school to hate their own country, and to believe that the men and women who built it were not heroes, but rather villains,” the president stated in his executive order. 

During the recent events following George Floyd’s death, people experienced the intensity with which the left and mainstream media have pushed the idea that America is a racist country, that President Trump and his followers are “white supremacists,” trying to turn one large part of the population against another. 

This is especially true for a large number of university and school students and in some federal agencies where they teach the infamous critical race theory that basically defines all white people as innately racist, and proposes that African Americans combat this supposed racism by discriminating against them.

“This radicalized view of American history lacks perspective, obscures virtues, twists motives, ignores or distorts facts, and magnifies flaws, resulting in the truth being concealed and history disfigured,” President Trump explained.

The creation of the commission is intended to use federal funds to promote an education that presents American history more accurately and that succeeds in unifying, inspiring, and ennobling youth, as opposed to the hate and division promoted in educational institutions today, something that could be understood as a Marxist tactic to create chaos.

The person in charge of forming this commission will be the Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos who has 120 days from this date to establish in the Department of Education the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission and this group includes the secretaries of State, Defense, and the Interior.

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