President Donald Trump will award the National Medal of Arts and Humanities to individuals and organizations that have strengthened understanding of the humanities in the United States through their contributions.

This year, for the first time, the president will present the recognized distinction to those he determined as deserving of it and by recommendation of the National Council of the Arts informed the White House. The ceremony will be held on Nov. 21.

The award established in 1997 will include Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight for his “exceptional capacity as an actor to portray deeply complex characters,” according to President Trump’s office.

The prominent Hollywood artist is a supporter of the president and won an Oscar for best actor in 1978 for his role as veteran Luke Martin in “Coming Home.”

On Sept. 26, Voight described as “an act of war” the attempt by Democratic lawmakers to remove the president  from office, in a video posted on a Tweet.

Also participating are bluegrass-country singer Allison Krauss, philanthropist Sharon Percy Rockefeller, chef Patrick J. O’Connell, author and philanthropist James Patterson, and education and philanthropy pioneer Teresa Lozano Long.

Saron Percy Rockefeller, the wife of former West Virginia Sen. John Davison “Jay” Rockefeller known as a “recognized champion of the arts,” will also receive the award.

Prize winners include the Musicians of the U.S. Armed Forces, for “personifying excellence in music and service to country,” according to the Nov.17 statement.

Likewise, the Claremont Institute, a U.S. conservative think tank based in Upland, California, is recognized for “defending the nation’s founding principles and enriching American minds.”