President Donald Trump has urged Democratic state governors to end lockdowns caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus pandemic before the November elections.

One America News (OAN) reported on Oct. 15 that the president spoke out while participating in Thursday’s MAGA demonstration in North Carolina, calling on Gov. Roy Cooper as well as his Democratic colleagues in other states to end the closures.

“North Carolina, tell your governor to open up your state, open up your schools,” said President Trump. “Got to open up your businesses, open up your schools, get it going.”

Trump said that fears about the CCP Virus, as well as death figures have been exaggerated, when the mortality rate remains low.

“We have learned about this disease,” the president added. “We have incredible therapeutics, we have incredible drugs, (and) we have, in my opinion, a cure because I took some (of) Regeneron.

As the OAN pointed out, the president added that Democratic-ruled states have had the highest number of VOCA infections in the country, despite more stringent blocking and face mask requirements.

This week, statements were made by a senior WHO official who stated that it did not advocate closures “as the primary means of control of this virus.”

“The fact is that we are winning all these cases because it’s unconstitutional what they are doing and I think they are doing it for political reasons. But you cannot let this go on with the lockdowns,” the president said at the town hall.

During the interview with the NBC anchorwoman Savannah Guthrie, the president also spoke about the issue of the use of masks, indicating that as president he could not be expected to lock himself in a room and do nothing, as the president, he has to be out there. and he said,” I am all for it.”

When asked if he supported the idea of herd immunity as a strategy to manage CCP virus infections, he said: “The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. We were expected to lose 2 million people and maybe more than that. We are at 210,000 (deaths) people—one person is too much. It should have never happened. It happened because of China [the CCP] and you have to get.”

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