President Donald J. Trump will visit Poland’s capital Warsaw from Aug. 31 to Sept. 2 to partake in ceremonies marking the 80th anniversary of World War II, aides to Poland’s president said on Tuesday, July 31.

President Trump said he is looking forward to the Poland trip.

“I have a very good relationship with Poland and we’ve been invited by the leadership of Poland and I look forward to it. I like the people,” said President Trump.

The president then said that mainstream media does not want to report on positive stories like these about him. “We have a very good relationship with Poland. I have really a very good relationship with most countries that the news doesn’t like talking about,” said President Trump.

He reminisced about his 2017 trip to Poland. “I gave a speech in Poland, which I know you don’t like to say, but it was considered to be a great speech and the reason is, that I really feel strongly, I think Poland is, I think they are a great people,” said the president.||52696602e__

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This upcoming trip would be President Trump’s second visit to Poland since 2017. On July 6, 2017, the president gave a moving public speech in front of the Warsaw Uprising Monument at Krasinski Square in Warsaw.

“This is my first visit to Central Europe as President, and I am thrilled that it could be right here at this magnificent, beautiful piece of land. It is beautiful,” said President Trump to the Polish people.

He thanked “the entire Polish people for the generosity” they had shown in welcoming American soldiers sent to Poland. “These soldiers are not only brave defenders of freedom, but also symbols of America’s commitment to your security and your place in a strong and democratic Europe,” said the president.

“For Americans, Poland has been a symbol of hope since the beginning of our nation,” said President Trump who continued saying, “Polish heroes and American patriots fought side by side in our War of Independence and in many wars that followed.”

President Trump continued to say that Polish and American soldiers “still serve together today in Afghanistan and Iraq, combatting the enemies of all of civilization.”

During the memorable 2017 speech in Warsaw, President Trump also highlighted that Poland and America “share a special bond forged by unique histories and national characters”—“a fellowship that exists only among people who have fought and bled and died for freedom.”

President Trump is expected to give a speech during the ceremonies, according to a Polish aide.

Ruled by a right-wing government, Poland is one of the Trump administration’s closest allies in Europe. The focus of the two countries’ cooperation is on energy security, the military, and defense.

President Trump will arrive in Warsaw on the evening of Aug. 31, said Krzysztof Szczerski, head of President Andrzej Duda’s office.

The following day President Trump will participate in ceremonies in Warsaw that marks the 80 anniversary of Nazi German troops invading Poland on Sept. 1, 1939, thereby starting World War II.

About 6 million Polish citizens, half of them Jewish, were killed in the war that left Poland completely devastated after six years of warfare.

Officials, however, are not saying if First Lady Melania Trump will be accompanying the president this time.