Having just left  Monroe last week, President Donald Trump is scheduled to come back to Louisiana this week for another campaign rally, and the next stop will be Bossier City.

The Trump campaign announced that the president will hold his reelection rally at the CenturyLink Center on Thursday, Nov. 14, more than a week after an impressive rally in Monroe.

With the second rally in Louisiana within more than a week, President Trump is  looking to support Republican nominee Eddie Rispone in the state’s runoff election.

Rispone, who has made his dedication to the president the center of his campaign, is competing with incumbent Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards in the gubernatorial election to be held on Nov. 16.

Edwards demonstrated a brain fade by hosting a rally in Monroe on Nov. 6 to offset President Trump’s visit—his crowd was very small in comparison with the president’s attendees.

Gov. John Bel Edwards held his own rally at Charles Johnson Park in Monroe on Nov. 6, 2019 before President came for his campaign rally. (LAGOP Twitter)
A massive crowd came to the campaign rally in Monroe, Louisiana to support President Trump on Nov. 6, 2019. (LAGOP/Twitter)

When President Trump was at the Monroe Civic Center last week, up to 40,000 people tried to get tickets for the venue that held only 10,000. Some who couldn’t get inside were able to watch the rally live on a big screen outside, according to Texarkana Gazette.

Thousands of people gathered outside the Monroe Civic Center, Louisiana, on Nov. 6, 2019 to support President Trump. (Donald Trump/ Twitter)

Even if the number of people is half in the next event in Bossier City, the CenturyLink Center is expected to be packed as it has a capacity of 15,000.

Under the Trump administration, hardworking Americans in Louisiana are winning. The White House data shows the state has seen over 21,000 jobs added since President Trump took office, unemployment rate down from 6% to 4.3%, wages up for blue collar workers and its energy industry is booming.

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