During the last few years, President Trump was one of the few politicians in the United States’ history to recognize and publicly denounce the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its threat to the country and the entire world.

From the beginning of the Trump Administration, both the President and his top aides warned of the advance of the CCP in all social and economic spheres of Western society. Since the spread of the CCP virus, criticism has increased considerably, leading to a real trade war between the two powers.

For the first time, the U.S. government openly and unabashedly presents a discourse that confronts the CCP’s oppressive regime in an attempt to limit its advance and growth both in the country and worldwide. In this sense, the White House has just published a book, “Trump in China. Putting America First”, which summarizes a compilation of speeches by President Trump and his main collaborators denouncing the abuses of the CCP.

The book begins with surprising statements from Vice President Mike Pence in October 2018. It ends with President Trump’s call to action at the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly in 2020

In between are public speeches by senior officials such as Robert O’Brien, Christopher Wray, William Barr, and Michael Pompeo, speaking as never before about the challenge the CCP poses to the United States, and the threat posed by it to our livelihoods, businesses, freedoms, and values.

As marked on several occasions by different Trump administration representatives, the policies applied during these last years do not aim against China or its culture. In this confrontation, the enemy is undoubtedly the Chinese Communist Party, with its Marxist-Leninist and mercantilist vision of the world, economy, and history.

President Trump’s two speeches, in May and Sept. 2020, hold the CCP responsible for the pandemic of the CCP Virus. They make it clear that China’s abuses no longer affect only the Chinese people, as they did under Mao Zedong, but they now impact the entire world because of the regime’s expansion. 

President Trump, in addition to blaming the regime for the spread of the CCP Virus around the world, repeatedly blamed it for the absence of human rights in its territory, the persecution of religious and ethnic minorities, labor exploitation of prisoners and children, environmental contamination, information theft and an endless list of criminal activities. 

Several of his main collaborators have done the same, especially during this last year.

FBI Director Wray openly denounced the illegal espionage and theft of intellectual property by the People’s Republic of China (CCP) from the U.S. government, local companies, and other allied countries. He pointed out that such theft constitutes one of the most significant wealth transfers in humanity’s history.

For his part, Ambassador O’Brien explained the ideology and global ambitions of the CCP in a business forum in Phoenix, Arizona. “Many in the West, especially in the business community, are not aware that China is one of the last Marxist-Leninist nations in the world today,” O’Brien said during his speech.

President Trump made clear in his May speech: “America wants an open and constructive relationship with China, but achieving that relationship requires that we vigorously defend our national interests.”

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