U.S. President Donald Trump invited several families of his followers, the “Deplorables,” to thank them for the support they have shown him.

After the presidential caravan passed through Palm Beach, Florida, two white vans returned and invited 16 of President Trump’s supporters on the streets, according to The Palm Beach Post.

Rich Miller thanked the president in a tweet for the incredible invitation to the private club Mar-a-Lago, owned by the president, also called the Winter White House, on Nov. 30.

Likewise, Valeria Blanco, one of the guests who has been campaigning for the president since 2015, shared what she told the president.

“I told him if they continue with these ridiculous impeachment hearings, I’m going to organize a march to show him our support,” Bianco said, according to The Palm Beach Post.

During the visit, the president shook hands with his guests near the pool and posed with each of them to take pictures.

He also told a brief history of Mar-a-Lago, built in the 1920s by heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post and gave everyone a magazine about the property, reported 100 Percent Fed Up.

The term “Deplorable” was used by candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign to refer to supporters of then-candidate Donald Trump.

The deference shown by the president to his supporters brings him even closer to them.