U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday, June 26, left the White House Oval Office, accompanied by Vice President Mike Pence.

The president spoke with journalists on a number of issues before he left for Japan for the annual G-20 Summit held in Osaka, Japan, this year.

President Trump kicked off the press meeting with an elaborate mention of the Mueller report, saying, “The Mueller thing never stops” and “There was no collusion. There was no obstruction. There was no nothing.”

“How many times do we have to hear it? It never ends. It just keeps going on and on.” I’ve been going through this for two years, two and a half years and the criminal activity was on the other side with the fake dossier, the phony, fraudulent dossier and all of the other things they’ve done,” said President Trump.

He stated, “The FISA courts all of that with the insurance policy by Strzok and his lover Page. This is a disgraceful thing and now we keep. I heard about it last night and I just said does it ever end? At what point does it end?”


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President Trump added, “It’s a disgrace. No obstruction, no collusion,” and continued, “Now the Democrats want a do over. So they had a do over in the House that didn’t work. They had a do over in the Senate that didn’t work. There are no do overs.”

The president reiterated, “We spent a long time working with Mueller. I gave him all the witnesses he wanted. I gave him lawyers. I gave him people. I guess he interviewed 500 people, 2,500 subpoenas. They had everything they could possibly have. Nobody’s ever had more. Nobody’s ever been more transparent and now it continues further?”

“This is just a hoax! I call it the witch-hunt but it’s really a hoax. It’s the greatest hoax ever in the history of our country and it’s the worst political scandal on the other side,” exclaimed President Donald J. Trump.

He pointed out “a lot of things right now are coming out that are very, very bad what they did but this just continues on. Two and a half years, it continues,” uttered the president.

During the meeting with journalists, President Trump said he would meet with “a lot of different countries” on his third international trip this month.

When asked about the Russian leader, the President said, “I’ll have a very good conversation with him.”

And when questioned about the likelihood of reaching a trade deal with China, President Trump replied, “There’s a possibility.” He stated, “China has been paying us billions and billions of dollars. … Until I got here, they never paid this country 10 cents!”

President Trump repeated that he would be meeting with China, Russia, and many countries at the Osaka G-20 Summit.

It is clear that the president is holding on to all the cards and keeping options clear and open. “So we’ll see what happens with China, with Russia, with Japan with many countries,” he said.

However, he reminded the American people, “We’ve been ripped off by everybody over the years” and assured, “They’re not ripping us off anymore—a big difference right now.”

The president then spoke about the situation with Iran stating, “I have plenty of time, but they have a country that’s an economic distress.”

President Trump said that Iran is “an economic disaster right now” and that “They could solve it quickly or they can solve it in ten years from now.”

“Whatever they want is fine with me. I have all the time in the world,” said President Trump, adding, “In the meantime, they have very strong sanctions,” and “They have to live with those sanctions.”

The president commented, “Iran should do the right thing for their people.” But “the problem is … I’m not sure that their leaders care for their people. If they do they’ll make a deal,” said President Trump.

President Trump also told journalists that he would stop over in North Korea after the G-20 Summit for talks about North Korea’s nuclear program.

The president’s concluding statements were: “We are a country that’s respected again not like the old days. We’re respected again. These countries respect us. They didn’t respect us three, four, five years ago,” as he left for the Osaka G-20 Summit.