President Donald Trump keeps working after being admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center following his CCP Virus (coronavirus) diagnosis, White House photos show.

Judd Deere, deputy assistant to President Trump, released a photo on Twitter on Saturday night, Oct. 3, saying the president “never stops working.”

White House Senior Communications Adviser Ben Williamson also shared a photo of the president with caption, “The guy’s a machine. @realDonaldTrump getting work in at Walter Reed.”

President Trump announced his virus positive test early on Friday and regularly updated his health state on social media.

On Saturday afternoon, the president shared on Twitter a video from inside the hospital, saying that he got much better following the treatment and would be back soon.

“I want to begin by thanking all of the incredible medical professionals—the doctors, the nurses, everybody—at Walter Reed Medical Center. I think it’s the finest in the world, for the incredible job they’ve been doing,” the president said in the video.

“I came here, wasn’t feeling so well, I feel much better now,” he continued. “We’re working hard to get me all the way back, I have to be back because we still have to Make America Great Again, we’ve done an awfully good job of that, but we still have steps to go and we have to finish that job, and I’ll be back, I think I’ll be back soon.”

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany late on Saturday night shared a statement from physician Sean Conley, which noted that the president’s health state has improved over the last couple of days.

“President Trump continues to do well, having made substantial progress since diagnosis,” Conley said. “This evening he completed his second dose of remdesivir, without complication. He remains fever free and off supplemental oxygen with a saturation level between 96 and 98% all day.”

The doctor confirmed that the president “spent most of the afternoon conducting business, and has been up and moving about the medical suite without difficulty.”

“While not yet out of the woods, the team remains cautiously optimistic,” Conley said. “The plan for tomorrow is to continue observation in between doses of remdesivir, closely monitoring his clinical status while fully supporting his conduct of presidential duties.”

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