President Donald J. Trump signed an executive order on Monday that would require products made in America to be made with more American components, if these products are to be used by the U.S. government.

“We’re very excited to be hosting our third annual Made in America showcase. It’s all about Made in America. We just started this and this is my third already,” said President Trump at the annual White House Made in America showcase.

The president said that he had gone around “these incredible companies that make everything from the THAAD (terminal high altitude area defense) missiles to beautiful boats.”||610cf75c3__

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Then the president said he asked, “‘How would that boat do against the THAAD missile?’ and it wasn’t a good answer,” who continued, “The boat’s going to have a little problem but that’s okay.”

The Trump administration plans to boost the percentage of American components in Made in the U.S. products.

During his speech, President Trump said, “Today I’m pleased to announce that we will begin our Buy American requirements but even stronger.”

He said that American-made products used for government projects currently can have 50 percent foreign components and still be considered as American made.

The president then said that in just a few moments, he would sign an executive order raising the percentage of American components to 75 percent for domestic goods and 95 percent for other items, like iron and steel.

Manufacturers of American products from all 50 states attended the White House Made in America showcase, July 15,2019. (Screenshot/AP Video)

Various manufacturers of American products were present at the White House Made in America event. “Joining us today are manufacturers from all 50 states and they are terrific talents, terrific craftsmen, terrific business people,” said President Trump.

The president stated that nobody stands up for the worker like he has stood up for the worker.

“We’re here today to celebrate and support the most incredible products in the world,” said the president, “And this is just a very representative sampling because we’re making more products here than we ever have.”

During the annual White House Made in America showcase, President Trump also discussed steps the Trump administration is taking to boost the U.S. manufacturing industry.

“The philosophy of my administration is simple, if we can build it, grow it, or make it in the United States we will,” said President Trump.

“When we choose American-made, something truly wonderful happens. Our communities thrive and flourish. Our neighborhoods bustle with commerce, our children dream bigger and bolder and the bonds of loyalty that unite us as citizens become closer richer and deeper than ever before,” said President Trump.

“That’s how we carry on the flaming torch of Americanism,” continued the president.

President Trump stated that the 2018 trade deficit widened to a decade-long high of $621 billion U.S. dollars.

The “Made in America” platform is one of President Trump’s strategies to ‘Make America Great Again.’

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