President J. Donald Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order allowing the U.S. government to revamp the country’s care for kidney disease. The endeavor would allow more Americans with kidney failure the opportunity for home dialysis and early transplants.

Speaking at the event in Washington, D.C., President Trump assured the American people of his support.

“For these patients, their loved ones and for the impacted, all those impacted, by kidney disease, I’m here to say we are fighting by your side and we are determined to get you the best treatment anywhere in the world and we’ve made a lot of progress,” said President Trump.

“We’re with you every step of the way. In a few moments, I’ll sign an executive order taking vital steps to increase the supply of kidney available transplants,” President Trump continued.

President Trump spoke about the impact of his executive order. “The result will be more and faster transplants for those in need by streamlining rules to help patients and by incentivizing the supply of kidneys and very substantially incentivizing, I have to add.”

The president said that approximately “17,000 additional Americans could receive kidneys that they desperately need.” He is optimistic of the outcome of the initiative, saying that it is going to happen.

“We think that number is very doable and it could even be higher than that. In addition, up to 11,000 more Americans could receive heart, lung, and liver transplants annually.”

President Trump said that at least 28,000 American lives would be saved every year and the number could be more if the plan accomplishes “the way we anticipate it to work.”

The aim of his order is to increase the supply of donated kidneys and to make it easier for patients to undergo dialysis in the comfort of their own home, President Trump said.

“Right now, only 12 percent of patients on dialysis receive care at home. My executive order will change that and reduce cost, transform care, and greatly improve the quality of life for kidney patients all across our nation,” said the president.

The changes may not happen immediately because some of the proposals will require new government regulations. But the president is positive about the initiatives for advancing kidney care for the American people. “It’s really fantastic and it’s truly an exciting day for advancing kidney health in our country,” said President Trump.

“The kidney has a very special place in the heart,” said the president, as he continued saying that those who have loved ones are “working so hard to stay alive.”

“There’s an esprit de corps, there’s a spirit like you rarely [see] on anything,” said President Trump, as he thanked the audience for being at the event.

The Trump administration’s initiative is to ease the financial hardships for living donors by reimbursing them for expenses, such as lost wages and childcare, the president said.

Currently, nearly 30 million adult Americans suffer from chronic kidney disease, costing Medicare a staggering $113 billion.

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