U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will visit Argentina next week to participate in a summit against terrorism and pay tribute to the victims of the attack on the Israelite Argentine Mutual Association (AMIA) that was 25 years ago, according to the Argentine daily La Nación.

The attack on the AMIA was a terrorist bomb strike against the organization in Buenos Aires on Monday, July 18, 1994.

It was one of the largest terrorist massacres in Argentina, with 85 people killed and 300 wounded, and the largest attack on Jewish targets since World War II.

Pompeo is scheduled to arrive between July 18 and 19, although it is not yet known whether he will be on time to participate in the tribute for the victims.

However, according to La Nación, the official will attend a commemorative event that the Argentine government is organizing at the AMIA. 

Pompeo will be in the city within 48 hours and will be escorted by a strong security detail set up by the Argentine Ministry of Security.

The secretary of state’s visit will come at a time when the government of Argentine President Mauricio Macri is expected to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization, a decision motivated by Washington and Israel.

Iran has been accused by Argentine Justice of having orchestrated the attack on the AMIA and of having used the Hezbollah group to carry it out.

Currently there is an escalation of tension between the United States and Iran due to the refusal of the country of the ayatollahs to stop the development of its nuclear program, in violation of the international agreement signed in 2015 with other nuclear powers.

Mike Pompeo has planned a meeting with Macri, where they are expected to discuss declaring Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

They will presumably also discuss about the Trump government’s support for Macri, just a few months before the presidential elections, where the Argentine president will confront the left-wing Peronist coalition of Alberto and Cristina Fernández.

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