President Donald Trump praised Britain’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday, July 26, saying the U.K. “needed” Johnson and added, “He has what it takes.” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office that he spoke with Johnson on Friday afternoon and the two nations are already working on a new trade agreement.

“Boris is going to be a great prime minister. I predict he will be a great prime minister. He has what it takes. They needed him for a long time. UK needed him for a long time” said President Trump.

President Trump said the time spent with the prime minister and the queen, was one of the most beautiful couple of days he had ever experienced. “She’s a tremendous woman, an incredible woman,” said the president.||2a94d80b8__

He predicted the United States and UK could reach “a very substantial trade agreement” that far exceeds existing levels of commerce. President Trump added that trade between the two had been “impeded” by the UK’s relationship with the European Union. He said that with Brexit, “We could do much, much more trade and we expect to do that.” The president said trade could increase as much as five times above current levels.

Reporters also asked the question if President Trump was going to slap tariffs on French wine, “I might” said Trump, because France had put a tax on American companies and the president said it was the wrong thing to do. “They should not have done it,” said Trump, “We tax our companies. They don’t tax our companies. The Trump administration is now working on it, which may be end up being a wine tax or something else, but the president said it will be called a “reciprocal tax.”

Includes reporting from The Associated Press